Amsterdam | March 2020

Amsterdam | March 2020

March 2020

Covid-19 is spreading across the planet like wildfire. Countries are under lockdown progressively. The world stands still.

Barbara Duriau is Belgian and trained as a graphic designer has the outlook of a globetrotter.

Caught between isolation and her own wish to escape, an idea came to her in a flash. « We were going to be in confinement, at home with a single solitary view from our window for many long weeks. What is that view on the other side of the world? And what if I asked Internet users to take photos of their views and share them with other isolated people? This would give them a safe way to connect and escape. »

The View from my window Facebook group was born.

March 22

Barbara creates the group.

March 23

She posts and shares her view from her flat in Amsterdam.

March 31

50,000 people are connected.

April 15

The group has 1 million members all around the world.

April 26

2 million people have joined the community VFMW.

November 18

The book View from my window comes out.
It is auto-published thank to a crowdfunding.

The success is dazzling and global. Press from around the world jumps on the story.

From New York to Moscow, from Brussels to Mumbai, from Sydney to São Paulo; the photos are stunning or humble and are accompanied by a simple caption or a true-life story.

A real sense of community was created, with friendly and supportive comments exchanged.