These photos could not remain virtual.

View from my window is a book unlike any other. From New York to Moscow via Brussels, Tokyo, Venice, Kuala Lumpur, São Paulo, Sydney, Darjeeling… the photos are striking. The original stories that accompany them, moving, poignant or funny.

400 pages, 260 photos, 12 chapters: from “Deserted streets” to “Tomorrow is another day” and “All you need is love” this book makes you think, cry and laugh.

The book becomes the family album of a whole community, but it is also the historical and unprecedented global testimony of a phenomenon that is just as much.

Tune into the heartbeat of humanity at a unique time in its existence.

Detail of the book

400 Pages
Format: 17 x 24 cm
Papier Artic 150 g
Language: English
Price: 32€

The book
travels across
the oceans

La Vernia | Texas | USA
Otaki | New Zealand
Rotterdam | The Netherlands
Ellensburg | Washington | USA
Jackksonville | Florida | USA
Vienna | Missouri
Schaerbeek | Belgium
Fléron | Belgium
Birmingham | Alabama | USA
Birmingham | Alabama | USA
Oregon | USA
Tucson | Arizona | USA
Williamstown | Australia
Curaçao | Caribbean
Curaçao | Caribbean
The profits from the sale of the book allowed to make a donation
in favour of UNICEF.